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AIM is Signing Off After 20 Years

Boy, have I got a not-so-shocking, yet still sad announcement for ya’ll. On December 15, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) will no longer be available for users, according to TechCrunch.com. *gasp* The chat service, which debuted in 1997, will no longer be supported on any operating system. Can you all believe AIM has been around for 20 years? While I haven’t used the platform in over 14 years probably, I can’t help but be dismayed by its departure. For most of us, I am sure AIM was our first “chat” experience online. Before we say goodbye, let’s take a look back at AIM and the influence it had on our typing skills, connection with people via the internet and unforgettable screen names. Read more

5 Wardrobe Pieces You Need to Show Your 90s Disney Side

What do you think of when you recall your favorite shirts, jackets, tank tops and shoes from the 90s? Bright colors – and lots of them? Geometric shapes that seem to have no rhyme or reason to their placement? Faded washes? Giant cartoon characters (maybe Disney ones)? Oversized fitting? Seemingly computer-looking details? Take a look at photos of you from that decade and tell me at least one of those descriptions isn’t accurate about the outfit you were sporting. #noshame

As with any fad from the past, 90s fashion is making a comeback. Think acid wash shirts, high-waisted pants and overalls. I know I’ve seen all of these pieces while out and about shopping lately. Even the merchandise teams at Disney are taking notice. Read more

Thank Goodness its Streaming! TGIF Shows Now Available on Hulu

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime… You name a streaming service and I probably have it. While I love being able to watch what I want, when I want, #livingmybestlife, the excitement and camaraderie that came with gathering around the tube at a certain night and time to watch that must-see show just really isn’t around anymore. I mean our LIVES revolved around some of these shows. If someone wanted to make plans with me at 8 p.m. on a Thursday night in the late 90s they had better be planning to watch FRIENDS with me, amiright?

Before I was a teenager and “too cool” to stay home on Friday nights, watching the TGIF line-up on ABC was something I looked forward to all week. Besides the programming being some of the most wholesome, hilarious and family-friendly content ever, my family and I had very specific traditions on Friday nights to accompany this world-class TV lineup. Traditions that are missed, and now, thanks to the magic of Hulu, traditions that all of us can re-create now! Read more