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I’ve Been Nominated, Again! | The Sunshine Blogger Award

As if one award nomination wasn’t enough, Miss Reminisce has been nominated for ANOTHER blogging award! Kayla with Kayla B Collection nominated me for the “Sunshine Blogger Award.” Being so new to blogging, this is such a wonderful surprise.  Since the launch of this blog in December, there have been a lot of long nights, learning curves and small wins. I am having the best time creating content for Miss Reminisce and this is only the beginning. So, thank you, Kayla! Also, you all HAVE to check out her blog (click the link above). It has tons of DIY, Decor, Party Planning posts and so much more. Great for all things home! Read more

I’ve Been Nominated! | Liebster Award 2018

Ribbon with Liebster Award title on it

What an incredible and humbling start to this year. I was nominated by two incredible fellow bloggers for the Liebster Award. Wondering what in the world that is? Well, it exists only on the internet and has been given to bloggers by other bloggers since 2011. It’s a way for bloggers to grow their audiences and feature other talented bloggers. So, it’s pretty stinking awesome. Click here to learn more. Read more